“Science, space, nature and the world as a whole – from micro to macro, from light to dark.”

3rd Season is a series of modern collections consisting of limited, one-of-a-kind designs in fashion and home textiles. Established in 2012 as a line of women’s wear, this Los Angeles-based brand is deeply rooted in craft, quality, and construction.

While keeping in line with their design ethos and commitment to American-made, their garments are sourced and made exclusively in Los Angeles.  3rd Season brings back to life what has been previously discarded.  Fully aware of the environmental impact of the fast-paced fashion industry, they discerningly rescue deadstock textiles with a focus on natural materials.

3rd Season designers, Alycia and Mabel, are committed to textiles above all and drawn endlessly to repetition, random variation, and balance. Inspired by science, space, nature, and the world as a whole, these women rely on each other for balance. They aim to empower with their designs and are constantly inspired by those who have done so before.