Artist Lidija Ristic

Throughout her body of work, Lidija Ristic aims to force contradictory ideas, like preciousness, waste, vulnerability, and virility to co-exist in the same reality. The result of such combinations creates new perspectives through which we can view familiar objects and reexamine the ideas they elicit. With her series, How My Garden Grows, she draws comparisons between the female body and natural world. Specifically, she’s exploring the metaphor of the garden —how we sculpt and construct it regardless of its proclivity for wildness — as a symbol for femininity, female sexuality, and over-preserved youth and beauty.


Ristic studied painting and sculpture at Massachusetts College of Art and Design (2006-2010). She is one of the founding members of 24k Studios in San Francisco's Mission District, and has curated many shows for the artist space. She has participated in several exhibitions throughout the Bay Area, including at Artist Television Access, Galería de la Raza and most recently, SOMArts Center.

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